• Do I have to blow up the bubbles myself?

    No. The bubbles will be inflated and ready to go prior to your arrival.

  • Do you include a referee to explain everything?

    Yes, each booking will have its own dedicated sports coordinator who will instruct you on the rules and ensure your safety.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum height?

    The minimum height is 1.30 m and there is no maximum height restriction

  • Do you require a liability waiver?

    Yes. This waiver will be provided to all our players before the start of their session.

  • How much does a bubble weigh?

    Adult size bubbles weigh 9kgs and kid sized bubbles weigh 6 kgs

  • Do we need bibs or different color shirts?

    No. Our bubbles are colored and will distinguish between the two playing teams.

  • What gear do I bring if I want to play?

    Just wear comfortable sports clothes and regular sports shoes. Knee pads can be provided at the venue

  • Is it safe to play Bubble Soccer?


  • What is the minimum age to play?

    Bubble Soccer does not restrict based on age. All players must be at least 1.30m tall in order to play

  • I have never played soccer before, will be able to play Bubble Soccer?

    Most definitely. Bubble Soccer requires no prior experience in football. It’s a social game with an objective of knocking your opponents down and having fun.

  • Are the Bubbles hygienic?

    Yes. We place a high level of importance on hygiene. Each bubble is sanitized after every session

  • I have a pre-existing injury, should I still play Bubble Soccer?

    Although Bubble Soccer causes no injuries, it is best to not strain yourself with any form of physical activity until the injury is completely healed.





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