Similar to regular soccer you will play in 2 teams with equal number of players. But in Bubble Soccer its not compulsory to have a goal keeper since you wouldn’t be able to use your hands and the goals are smaller. While protected in your inflatable bubble, you will try to score goals. You will play in a designated and marked area. Apart from the standard rules: bumping, bouncing and crashing unto other players is highly encouraged. Bubble Soccer can be played on any open grass field or indoor sports hall. For a standard booking of 10-15 players, we recommend a game of 60 minutes. If you wish to play longer, consider having substitutes. 1st Rule of Bubble Soccer
No barging into the walls/nets or pinning against the wall/net. 2nd Rule of Bubble Soccer
No feet on the balls. 3rd Rule of Bubble Soccer
No pinning people down. No jumping on top of people when they are already on the floor. It’s hard enough just getting back on your feet! 4th Rule of Bubble Soccer
No spikes and blades or studded footwear. No jewelry allowed. 5th Rule of Bubble Soccer
Violence, aggression or disrespecting other players or the Referee will result in a sin bin or permanent ban from the session. 6th Rule of Bubble Soccer
The referees decision is final.





6th Street, Al Quoz 1. Short walk from Noor Bank Metro Station. See location map HERE

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